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Solar panel HC ALL BLACK - 550
  • Solar panel HC ALL BLACK - 550

Solar panel HC ALL BLACK - 550

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The image will be totally dark, we use all black components (backsheet, frame, cells, welds, etc..) nobody will notice they are there.

Made up of 5 power ranges (375wp, 410wp, 450wp, 550wp and 670wp), differentiated by the quantity and size of the PV cells used in their production.

All of them use the maximum efficiency P.E.R.C. cells, combined with the multibus-bar technology of non-destructive cutting and high density interconnection, which allow them to exceed 21% efficiency and 670wp.

  • Technical details:

    • Power: 550Wp
    • Module type: All Black
    • Number of cells: 144 (72)
    • Cell Type: Half-Cell - P.E.R.C. technology of 182mm
    • Module efficiency: 21,28% Temp. Coef PMAX -0,35%/K
    • Frame color: Black
    • Dimensions: 2279x1134x35mm
    • Weight: 26,5kg
    • Cable: 1200mm with MC4-EVO2 connectors
    • Connection box: Split box - Mid
    • Product warranty: 25 years
    • Generation warranty: 85% to 30 years
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